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This page contains links to documents pertaining to courses, course codes and course coding structure for North Carolina Public Schools.

Description Last Update File Type
2019-20 Course Code Master List 08/08/2019 XLSX
2018-19 Course Code Master List 02/18/2019 XLS
2017-18 Course Code Master List 12/01/2017 XLS
2016-17 Course Code Master List 01/20/2017 XLS
2015-16 Course Code Master List
07/08/2016 XLS
2014-15 Course Code Master List and Do Not Use List 05/04/2015 XLS
CAA Less Than 3 Sem. Hour Courses 10/02/2018 XLS
Comprehensive Articulation Agreement 02/XX/2018 PDF
Course Attributes and Section Attributes 03/17/2014 PDF
Course Code Guidance for Essentials for College Math (ECM) 08/13/2018 PDF
Course Code Guidance for LEAs/Charter Schools 03/22/2018 PDF
Course Code Systems Map 09/07/2016 PDF
Course Code Title Changes 08/08/2019 PDF
Course Code Webinar Fall 2018 12/10/2018 MP4
Course Code Webinar Fall 2018 Slides 12/10/2018 PDF
CTE CCP Generic Course Code Implementation Discussion 05/10/2019 PDF
CTE CCP Generic Course Code Implementation Discussion 05/10/2019 GotoWeb
CTE CCP Generic Cluster Course Codes 05/31/2019 PDF
CTE Course Coding Structure 12/22/2016 PDF
Dual Credit Allowances for CCP 11/19/2018 PDF
Dual Credit Allowances for CCP Memorandum 7/27/2016 PDF
Grade Conversion of Letter Grades to Numeric Grades Memo 12/09/2015 PDF
Licensure In-Field-Subject-EC Crosswalk 2019-20 School Year 03/27/2019 XLSX
Local Course Titles and Identifying Exceptional Children Memo 07/05/2017 PDF
Math Credit Options 03/23/2017 PDF
Memo - Course Coding Guidance for New NC Math Courses 07/08/2016 PDF
Memo - Guidance Around BF10 "Principles of Business and Finance" 04/15/2019 PDF
Memo - Less Than 3 Hour College Courses 05/21/2018 PDF
NC WISE/PowerSchool Course Code Crosswalk 07/12/2013 XLS
New CTE Course Code Titles 08/17/2017 PDF
NonCAA Codes Inactivated in 2018-19 03/14/2017 XLSX
OCS Course Code Memo 08/12/2014 PDF
Repeating a Course for Credit FAQs 03/18/2016 PDF


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