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This page contains information pertaining to schools business.

Description Last Update Update Description File Type
Adding Staff (QRD) 05/30/2014 Added information on how to inactivate staff members. PDF
AutoDialer (QRD) 03/20/2014   PDF
AutoSend Setup (QRD) 08/19/2013   PDF
Bell Schedule Setup for SAR Calculation (QRD) 04/24/2014   PDF
Change Course Code (QRD) 03/18/2014   PDF
Child Nutrition Linker File Extracts (QRD) 07/09/2013   PDF
Create Mid-year Class Rank (QRD) 03/17/2014   PDF
Creating Student Activities (QRD) 07/29/2013   PDF
Creating a TIMS Extract (QRD) 07/08/2013   PDF
DPI Employee Cleanup for SAR-2 Exception (QRD) 04/30/2014   PDF
Fees (QRD) 12/09/2013   PDF
Final Grade Entry (QRD) 10/03/2013   PDF
Final Grade Setup (QRD) 09/12/2013 Changed some wording explaining the final grade setup and added new picture at end of doc. PDF
Managing Rooms (QRD) 07/21/2014 Screenshots were updated to match system functionality. PDF
Military 09/05/2014   PDF
Periods (QRD) 08/05/2013   PDF
Permanently Store Grades (QRD) 09/15/2013   PDF
PMR Cheat Sheet (QRD) 09/13/2013   PDF
PMR Interval Setup (QRD) 07/31/2013   PDF
PMR Setup (QRD) 10/10/2013   PDF
Post EOY Checklist (QRD) 07/08/2013   PDF
Requirements for Successful Honor Roll Calculations (QRD) 11/22/2013   PDF
SAR Exceptions List 08/12/2014   PDF
Security Groups (QRD) 07/10/2013   PDF
Track Schools (QRD) 07/29/2013   PDF
Using the Homeroom Field (QRD) 07/12/2013   PDF
Years and Terms Setup (QRD) 08/02/2013 Added information on setting up days and periods. PDF
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Personal Identification - Protect your personal account information for PowerSchool at all times. Never give your user name and password identification to unknown callers during telephone solicitations or in email. The Department of Public Instruction will not ask for your user account and password information for PowerSchool. Any misuse of personal identification should be reported via email to security-group@dpi.state.nc.us.