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Not able to attend training in person? NO WORRIES! Use the recorded online webinars to meet your specific training needs.

The Recorded Refreshers are recorded online webinars hosted by NCDPI staff. Each recording is a demonstration of a process or specific business cycle involving the NC SIS - the student information system.

Recording Date Created File Type
Accommodations in PowerSchool 10/15/2014 WMV
Athletic Eligibility in PowerSchool 01/14/2015 WMV
Attendance Tracking with Update on Storing Grades - Tips and Tricks 12/10/2013 WMV

Discipline Incidents in PowerSchool

11/17/2014 WMV
Drop Out Reporting Webinar 09/04/2014 WMV
Elementary School Scheduling Refresher (1st Webinar) 05/28/2014 WMV
Elementary School Scheduling Refresher (2nd Webinar) 05/29/2014 WMV
End of Term Process 10/23/2014 WMV
End of Year Webinar 05/30/2014 WMV
Entering AIG Data 10/28/2014 WMV
Entering ALP Roster Data in PowerSchool 09/17/2014 WMV
Grade Book Webinar 12/13/2013 MP4
Mid Year Graduates    
  • Mid Year Graduates Webinar
01/13/2015 WMV
  • Mid Year Graduates Webinar
12/16/2014 WMV
  • Mid Year Graduates Webinar
12/04/2014 WMV
Military Connected Students 10/06/2014 WMV
Nurses' Module in PowerSchool 08/19/2014 WMV
Office of Civil Rights Status (removed for updates)    
Parent and Student Portal Demo (Recording from CCB Meeting) - Removed for editing 09/19/2013  
PMR Informational Webinar 02/10/2014 WMV
PMR Webinar 09/24/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Grad Plans Phase 2 01/16/2014 WMV
PowerTeacher Basics 09/27/2013 WMV
Preparing for EOY Webinar 05/01/2014 WMV
Retention/Promotion Webinar ( Notice: Video will not show until approx. 2.5 minute mark.) 09/23/2014 WMV
SADLS ( Notice: SADLS reports cannot be exported as stated in the Webinar, but can be saved (stored).) 10/13/2014 WMV
SAR Webinar 10/09/2014 WMV
Scheduling Information 12/18/2013 WMV
Scheduling Q & A Webinars    
  • Session 8
03/25/2015 WMV
  • Session 7
03/18/2015 WMV
  • Session 6
03/11/2015 WMV
  • Session 5
02/13/2015 WMV
  • Session 4 (Unable to record session due to technical difficulties)
  • Session 3
02/09/2015 WMV
  • Session 2
02/09/2015 WMV
  • Session 1
02/02/2015 WMV
UID Student Search and Enrollment Webinar 04/23/2014 WMV
Technical Webinars - Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
PowerSchool Technical Webinar 07/15/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Techinical Webinar 07/08/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Technical Webinar 06/24/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Technical Webinar 06/17/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Technical Webinar 06/10/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Technical Webinar (A) 05/27/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Technical Webinar (B) 05/27/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Technical Webinar 05/20/2014 WMV
PowerSchool Technical Webinar 05/06/2014 WMV


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