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This page contains links to documents pertaining to Attendance in PowerSchool. More documents will be added as we progress throughout the year. Please visit this page often for updates.

Description Last Update Update Description File Type
Attendance Preferences - Daily Attendance (QRD) 08/19/2013 Updated screen shot on page 2 showing correct setting for “Count these codes for period conversion” field - changed from Presents to Absences.  Also updated wording on pg 3 for this field. PDF
Attendance Preferences - Meeting Attendance (QRD) 08/26/2013 Updated screen shot on page 1 showing correct setting for "Count these codes for period conversion" field - changed from Presents to Absences. Also updated wording on page 3 for this field. PDF
Bell Schedules - Daily Attendance (QRD) 11/15/2013 Document has been removed for updating.  
Bell Schedules - Meeting Attendance (QRD) 11/25/2013 Updated screen shots and clarified instructions. PDF
Enrollment Attendance Audit (QRD) 08/30/2013 Updated verbiage on pages 1 and 6 (in red). PDF
Enrollment Attendance Audit Process 08/30/2013 Updated pages 19 & 23 with additional information (in red); updated screen shot on page 23. PDF
NC PowerSchool Setup - Attendance Conversion Parameters 11/25/2013   PDF
Printing Attendance Grids (QRD) 07/11/2013   PDF
Refresher Premier Attendance Views Data (QRD) 07/22/2013   PDF
Sign In/Out - Daily Attendance (QRD) 08/06/2013   PDF
Updating Attendance - Daily (QRD) 08/06/2013   PDF
Updating Attendance - Meeting (QRD) 08/06/2013   PDF


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