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This page contains links to documents pertaining to admitting and withdrawing students in PowerSchool. More documents will be added as we progress throughout the year. Please visit this page often for updates.

Description Last Update Update Description File Type
Cross Enroll Students - Same LEA (QRD) 07/10/2013   PDF
Early Graduates (QRD) 03/19/2014

Change: A new section was added on updating the next year school indicator and next year grade level. This is needed in order for the student record to move to the Graduated Students school with the End of Year process.

Enrolling New Student (QRD) 09/13/2013 Changes:  added the following: pg 1 - added info on the red NC on the Enroll New student page, pg 2 - indicated which fields are required, pg 4 - added heading and info regarding Admission Status and Race needing to be updated on the Demographics page, pg 5-6 - added Additional Steps section with info on Transfer Student Record process PDF
Re-enrolling A Student (QRD) 07/12/2013   PDF
Student Transfer Cheat Sheet (QRD) 09/12/2013 Changes: added fields to be updated prior to transferring out of school. PDF
Transfer Out (QRD) 09/12/2013 Changes:  added section “Steps to take if the student is not transferring within the same LEA”, added “Transfer to Another School” section PDF
Transfer Student Record Process (QRD) 08/08/2014

This QRD was updated to include new screenshots, references to related QRDs, and a note on page 2.



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